5 Things To Know About Spring Awakening Music Festival 2014


1. Spring Awakening Music Festival announced its breathtaking lineup earlier today, featuring some of the biggest names in EDM performing on four separate stages.

2. The three day fest will take place on the weekend of June 13th-15th at the ever-famous Soldier Field.

3. Whose headlining? Friday night starts off with a bang, thanks to Tiesto and Knife Party. Saturday places two of the biggest names in electronic music on the main stage in the form of Pretty Lights and Diplo. And finally, Sunday night wraps up with live performances from Big Gigantic and Chicago’s own Kaskade.

4. But that’s not all! Ever heard of Flux Pavilion, Dillon Francis, Eric Prydz, Feed Me, Bingo Players or Pete Tong? Yea, they’ll all be there too. Along with about 30 other of the finest producers/DJs EDM has to offer.

5. Tickets are on sale now, so pick yours up here.


Rager Onions Presents: The Top 5 LP’s of 2013

The Top 5 LP’s of 2013:

5. With the most musically diverse album on the list, Mat Zo has electrically paved his path with Damage Control.

4. Sub Focus never disappoints, and his latest LP, Taurus, may just prove to be his Sistine Chapel.

3. Avicii fused two polar opposite genres into something truly magical. We’re calling it electro-folk. Unfortunately Avicii’s manager put his money where his mouth is, and denied us the pleasure of a free listen on SoundCloud. Don’t worry, we marked it down for future reference. Bad little Ash…

2. Dinner and drinks for two at Feed Me‘s Calamari Tuesday.

1. These are the times that we live in, the times we’ve created. This is Rebel Era.

Honorable Mention: 

Easily the darkest of the bunch, Let It Burn proves once again that American dub-step does have a name. And it’s spelled DATSIK.

Feed Me Reviews (Ridicules) Beatport Top 100 Tracks; Asserts Boss Level Status

HERE IS THE LINK: http://btprt.dj/17NEn6p

Using a random number generator, UK artist Feed Me has randomly reviewed a few tracks from the Beatport Top 100 track list. His reviews are a bit harsh (not mean but extremely critical – in a good way), but I believe this is a statement on Jon’s part (Feed Me) in regard to all the hubbub surrounding the relevancy of these highly regarded charts from Beatport.

Using his years of production experience as Feed Me and Spor (his earlier alias), Mr. Gooch has applied his understanding to critique five songs at random from the Top 100 song list. To be honest, it is nice to see a thorough review from someone who knows exactly what is going on during each production. He systematically picks apart each track and points out exactly what the prospective artist does well and where they fell short. We hope he’s not painting a target on his back with this one. Even though that target would be as precise as his latest album, Calamari Tuesdays.

As for these five songs, Jonathan Gooch thinks they need a little work.

Better luck next time guys.

HERE IS THE LINK: http://btprt.dj/17NEn6p