Lets Be Friends ☠ [Artist Spotlight]

Coasting off the reception from their latest EP termed iOA or Invasion of America, Jonney and Oren of Lets Be Friends have impressed the crew at RO for quite some time now. As of late, we cannot seem to visit any other EDM related page without seeing an advert for iOA, or a post about the release. This can only mean one of two things. Either LBF has the most baller PR team in the history of existence, or these dudes just so happen to make some dank tunes. To us, it seems far more logical to go with the latter.

Hailing from across that puddle known as the Atlantic Ocean, Lets Be Friends has been annihilating dance floors everywhere since the release of their first EP at the beginning of 2013. But, that is not exactly where Jonney and Oren’s story originates. According to their Facebook page, the tandem has been crafting their unrelentingly dynamic bass-heavy sound since 2011. It has not been until recently, however, that LBF has caught the attention of the main steam EDM spotlight.

Their sound is nothing short of beautiful chaos, a maelstrom of modulated melodic discord. Using uptempo Electro House and Dubstep influences, Lets Be Friends smashes listeners with canty complextro grime that would cause Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself to stand up and bust a move.

Yikes, too soon?

Big things loom on the horizon for Lets Be Friends. As of yesterday, they have become the newest addition to the monstrous lineup over at Monstercat Records. Expect to be hearing more from them there.

Below we have included some of our favorite recent releases (including the brand new VIP mix of ‘Manslaughter’ and their dope remix to F.O.O.L’s massive track ‘Feelings’) from this London-based production duo. For those unfamiliar with this bass heavy dance project, we hope LBF is soon to make your acquaintance.

Pun intended.

Fellow fans of LBF can purchase the new EP, iOA (Invasion of America), right HERE. You won’t regret it.

Music Is Wonderful: ‘Lets Be Friends’ Monstrous Monday Mix! This Means War Vol. #1 [Heavy]

After a long weekend of raging and attending EDC festivities, this is exactly what we need on a Monday to pick us up off our asses. If your feeling a bit sluggish this afternoon, press play, and crank this.

Lets Be Friends has put together one hell of a banging mix with their first edition of ‘This Means War.’ The DJ duo, who hails from the UK, began to release music at the start of 2013. Their first release titled ‘EP 1’ (clever title, huh?) caught our attention earlier this year. We liked it so much, we did a post on it (HERE). Give a listen to a few of their original tracks, we are particularly partial to Manslaughter, Best in the West, Pull Up Your Finger and The Creator. If you’re feeling lazy don’t worry, each can be heard in this all-star studded mix tape.

If you follow us here at Rager Onions, you will LOVE this hour long mix. It features some of our absolute favorite artists. From Knife Party to Dillon Francis to Excision, Lets Be Friends knows Bass Music. Not only do they drop some absolutely dirty jams, they found a way to transition each onto the other in a perfect fashion. We don’t know what else to say about it other than “WHY HAVEN’T YOU PRESSED PLAY YET???”

Show Jonney & Oren some love and follow them on SoundCloud/Facebook/Twitter.  And be sure to watch out for their forthcoming release, cleverly titled ‘EP 2.’ Your gonna like the way they sound, I guarantee it.


Set List:

1 • Friends* Intro
2 • Dillon Francis • Fireworks (Lets Be Friends *Re-Amp*)
3 • Excision & Far Too Loud – Destroid 8 Annihilate
4 • Letsbefriendsuk – 1-lets-be-friends-manslaughter
5 • LBF MashUp # 1 • Armin Van Buren/Knife Party/MajorLazer/Flux Pavilion
6 • Knife Party • LRAD
7 • Monsta • Holdin’ On • (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
8 • Dubstep – The-creator-by-lets-be-friends
9 • Knife Party • Bonfire • (Lets Be Friends *Bootleg*) 
10• Bro Safari • The Drop (Original + MUST DIE Remix)
11• LBF MashUp # 2 • Porter Robinson/Black Box/Knife Party
12• Showtek & Noisecontrollers • Get Loose
13• The Prodigy • Omen
14• Pegboard Nerds • Self Destruct
15• Kill The Noise • Jokes On You • (Kill The Noise Remix)
16• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-intimidation
17• TNGHT • Higher Ground • (Lets Be Friends *Bootleg*)
18• AN21, Max Vangeli & Steve Angello – H8RS • (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)
19• Tony Junior, Carnage, New & Used • Nobody Beats The Signal • (Tommie Sunshine Bootleg)
20• Knife Party • Baghdad
21• Laidback Luke • Pogo • (Deorro Remix) ( Build Up Only )
22• Virtual Riot – Energy Drink
23• Letsbefriendsuk – 01-sinner-winner-lets-be
24• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-best-in-the
25• Shockone • Big Bounce
26• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-allow-it
27• Pendulum • Ransom
28• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-pull-up-your
29• Major Lazer • Anything Goes • (Lets Be Friends *Bootleg*)