Nero Is So Back – Satisfy [Original Mix] [NEW!]



Sorry, I generally do my best to avoid reading the unfathomably ignorant comments streaming alongside SoundCloud tracks.

For this next song however, I could not help but read each one of them and revel in the collective excitement surrounding the concept of brand new music from one of the most legendary names in EDM – Nero.

The above excerpt, taken from a random fan’s joyous response to the release, just so happened to be my favorite of the lot…mainly because that fan’s sentiments are akin to my own.

Nero’s back bitches!

Landing on a coincidentally apt title for their new jam – producers Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and vocalist Alana Watson are finally back on the scene after a somewhat lengthy hiatus in production (we would have waited forever though, honestly).

While constantly contributing to and perusing around the massive EDM blog-o-sphere, I all too often find its writers over using clichéd buzz words like “epic” or “dirty.” However, in situations such as these, I feel helpless when I truly have no other way of describing Nero’s latest release, “Satisfy”.

It definitely is epic, but then again, of course it is.

We’re talking about The Trifecta here.


Our contrived description of their productions as “epic” emanates directly from the talents Daniel and Joe possess as great musicians. The way this tandem of producers craft there art is unlike any other out there. Each and every song on Nero’s last album “Welcome Humanity” showcases the duo’s uncanny ability to progress a song, and make you bust a groove (or maybe even a nut).

This concept may seem a bit intangible at first, however, that’s because it is.

You cannot teach this stuff. It comes from years of experience, growing as both an overall musician and more specifically, an electronic dance music producer. It’s most certainly the way their tracks open, build, drop and decay that makes each song a entirely unique piece of artwork. Lyrics aside, each song will clearly and vividly unravel a story with the progression of its tone, mood, rate and instrumental arrangements.

With a brand new album soon on the way from Nero, “Satisfy” will just have to do for now.

And we’re just fine with that.

Rogue – From The Dust [Earth EP]

Hailing from Birmingham, England, this next producer is a relentless Rogue of sorts – combining highly emotive melodies with hard-hitting bass to create his own blend of dubstep, drumstep and electro house. Joel Hunt, who answers to his stage alias “Rogue”, began his journey down a path in music production a few years back, releasing original works and remixes to his favorite dubstep tracks by posting them to his Youtube channel for fans.

However, soon after Rogue began to hone his skills, he was noticed by the likes of one of the most relevant and forward thinking labels around, Monstercat Records – who happens to specialize in fostering young talent as well as drawing a wide and diverse audience. Utilizing this opportunity to popularize himself within the world of EDM, Rogue capitalized by reaching the number one spot on Beatport’s top dubstep releases with his track “Exogenesis”. In fact, Mr. Hunt maintained this position at the top for over an entire month. Now that is impressive considering the onslaught of new electronic music producers in the scene as of late.

Rogue’s latest single “From The Dust”, which can be found on his forthcoming Earth EP is yet another reason to follow this UK based production whiz. The symphonic introduction begins with crickets chirping as the harmonies of distant sirens coerce unsuspecting listeners deeper into this dark, wooded landscape crafted by Joel using a luscious piano melody, tribal bass drums and whimsical violin arrangements. When Rogue introduces the emotionally sentimental lyrics into the song, it breaks shorty after, transforming that lush melody from the piano into a stratospheric synthesizer of epic proportions. The rest of this jam is history. Pure gold.

This drumstep anthem by Rogue is a must listen. We fell head-over-heels instantly, hope you do the same. The entire album is set to drop November 4th via Monstercat Records. Enjoy.

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