Big Gigantic – From Dusk Till Dawn [Free Download]

Everybody’s favorite saxophone wielding, electronic dance music sensations are back with a FREE album titled “The Night Is Young.” Frontman for the festival-smashing duo, Dominic Lalli, and drum aficionado, Jeremy Salken, of Big G have been steadily posting full-length tracks from the album on SoundCloud for about a month now (excluding “Touch the Sky”). If we are not mistaken, the latest jam, “From Dusk Till Dawn,” will be the fifth they have put up on the Cloud for fans and prospective listeners.

(This is where I try and convince you of the song’s legitimacy. However, it’s Big G were talking about here. I don’t need to do any of that.)

Stop in at Big Gigantic’s web site and download your free copy of “The Night Is Young” today:

Or if you’re feeling ultra lazy this Wednesday, you can just download your free copy of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” right here at Rager Onions.

Big Gigantic – Touch the Sky [Electro-Funk Jazz Trap]

Big Gigantic and Trap music? Oh, you better believe it.

Much to our collective chagrins, it would seem trap music is here to stay. And it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. However, in an effort not to add insult to injury, we find it relieving that some of the more talented producers in the game are proving what a skilled musician can do with the genre. Luckily, we have artists like Flume, 123MRK and Cashmere Cat who are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to producing Hp-Hop influenced EDM beats. When we found this little ditty by Boulder resident Big Gigantic, we just knew it was going to be HUGE (see what we did there?).

“Touch the Sky” is the result of a skilled infusion of musical flavors. The tediously long genre we have given the track in the title of this post does not even do the song justice when defining what it sounds like. It’s trap, electro-soul, jazz, dubstep and future bass all rolled into a jam that is truly indicative of the talent possessed by Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken of Big G.

(note from Big G)

“We are so thrilled to announce we’ll be releasing our latest album, THE NIGHT IS YOUNG in early Febuary 2014!!! We can’t thank you enough for all of your patience while we have been writing and recording over the past year. Stream our first single called, TOUCH THE SKY and keep an eye out for the download, music video, winter tour dates and more info on the release in the coming weeks.”
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! #TheNightIsYoung

Pretty Lights – Around The Block (FiLiBuStA Remix) [Free DL]

A week or so ago I ran into this artist at a show in Chicago and let me be the first to tell you, Troy Probst is a class act. Not only was I surprised by his willingness to chat with a fan of his music, but he absolutely killed his live set. Playing a wide range of EDM including glitch, trap, and dub, FiLiBuStA put on one hell of an unexpected show for those there to see L.A. resident and production whiz Sound Remedy. Throughout the brief set I had several friends and acquaintances approach me to inquire exactly, “Who is that”?

Well, that my friends is the one and only glitch hop sensation, Troy Probst aka FiLiBuStA.

Today we present to you his latest release, a remix of “Around The Block”, originally composed by EDM sensation and seasoned veteran Pretty Lights. On this track, FiLiBuStA does an excellent job of maintaining the original inherent soul that goes hand in hand with a production from Colorado based funk master Derek Vincent Smith, also known as Pretty Lights. While using a plethora of non-electronic instruments (guitar and even a badass saxophone) on this jam, Troy encourages listeners to scratch that peculiar itch with a hefty dose of his glitch fix.

Oh, and be sure to look out for Rager Onions’ forthcoming interview with the glitch hop super stud, FiLiBuStA.

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