The Top 5 EPs of This (1/3) Year

These are never easy. Besides dealing with the inevitable bickering that occurs between the Rager crew members, I get a lot of shit from my sixty year old mother actually. She likes that super grimy shit, you know? The kind of music you get down and ultra dirty to. She’s really into free love these days. Look her up.

However, I’m probably going to get a frying pan upside the head for this next list…maybe the LAXX will save me.

5. LAXX – Step One [Never Say Die]

Going hard in the paint, err…I mean studio.

4. Various Artists – Prophication Remix EP [Mau5trap]

Giant remixes to an even bigger EP from last year.

3. Kill Paris – Foreplay EP [OWSLA]

Thank you for another awkward music boner KP.

2. Seven Lions – Worlds Apart [Casablanca Records]

You kidding me, Seven Lions? You’re not of this Earth.

1. Galantis – Galantis EP [Big Beat Records]

Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye = Galantis

Honorable Mention: Barely Alive – Lost In The Internet EP [Disciple]

Just about every producer and their mother have attempted to remix a piece of Barely Alive’s latest masterpiece.

(NEW) Dirtyphonics | Hanging On Me Remix EP

The French electronic group known as Dirtyphonics recently released their remix EP Hanging On Me out now on Dim Mak Records.

The five song EP contains the original single “Hanging On Me” as well as the radio version for the less patient folk out there. Three unique and dissimilar remixes are also included in the purchase from the likes of Borgore & Ookay, Kastle and Slogun & iOh. Borgore went trap, Kastle incorporated minimal house, and Slogun and iOh turned to drum and bass.

Our favorite?

Slogun and iOh take the cake on this one.


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Le Castle Vania | Prophication EP [Mau5trap Records]


Atlanta based DJ & producer Dylan Eiland, better known as Le Castle Vania, gained notoriety back in 2006 when his remix of ‘Black Eyes’ blew up the EDM blogosphere. His unique sound synchronously blends melodic synths with a heavy, punk rock-flavored swagger that sounds as good as it seems. From gym-rat bros to emo-swooped screamos, Dylan’s music provides the perfect outlet for releasing some stress-induced anger/aggression.

With countless original and remixed tracks under his belt, Eiland decided to create his own personal label, Always Never. With a full length album coming out later this year as well as an upcoming spring tour with Dirtyphonics, the future looks promising for Mau5trap’s rising star. His latest EP, Prophication, serves as a reminder that Deadmau5 (while possibly going insane) still has an impeccable ear for young talent.

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