Nero Is So Back – Satisfy [Original Mix] [NEW!]



Sorry, I generally do my best to avoid reading the unfathomably ignorant comments streaming alongside SoundCloud tracks.

For this next song however, I could not help but read each one of them and revel in the collective excitement surrounding the concept of brand new music from one of the most legendary names in EDM – Nero.

The above excerpt, taken from a random fan’s joyous response to the release, just so happened to be my favorite of the lot…mainly because that fan’s sentiments are akin to my own.

Nero’s back bitches!

Landing on a coincidentally apt title for their new jam – producers Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and vocalist Alana Watson are finally back on the scene after a somewhat lengthy hiatus in production (we would have waited forever though, honestly).

While constantly contributing to and perusing around the massive EDM blog-o-sphere, I all too often find its writers over using clichéd buzz words like “epic” or “dirty.” However, in situations such as these, I feel helpless when I truly have no other way of describing Nero’s latest release, “Satisfy”.

It definitely is epic, but then again, of course it is.

We’re talking about The Trifecta here.


Our contrived description of their productions as “epic” emanates directly from the talents Daniel and Joe possess as great musicians. The way this tandem of producers craft there art is unlike any other out there. Each and every song on Nero’s last album “Welcome Humanity” showcases the duo’s uncanny ability to progress a song, and make you bust a groove (or maybe even a nut).

This concept may seem a bit intangible at first, however, that’s because it is.

You cannot teach this stuff. It comes from years of experience, growing as both an overall musician and more specifically, an electronic dance music producer. It’s most certainly the way their tracks open, build, drop and decay that makes each song a entirely unique piece of artwork. Lyrics aside, each song will clearly and vividly unravel a story with the progression of its tone, mood, rate and instrumental arrangements.

With a brand new album soon on the way from Nero, “Satisfy” will just have to do for now.

And we’re just fine with that.

The Top 5 EPs of This (1/3) Year

These are never easy. Besides dealing with the inevitable bickering that occurs between the Rager crew members, I get a lot of shit from my sixty year old mother actually. She likes that super grimy shit, you know? The kind of music you get down and ultra dirty to. She’s really into free love these days. Look her up.

However, I’m probably going to get a frying pan upside the head for this next list…maybe the LAXX will save me.

5. LAXX – Step One [Never Say Die]

Going hard in the paint, err…I mean studio.

4. Various Artists – Prophication Remix EP [Mau5trap]

Giant remixes to an even bigger EP from last year.

3. Kill Paris – Foreplay EP [OWSLA]

Thank you for another awkward music boner KP.

2. Seven Lions – Worlds Apart [Casablanca Records]

You kidding me, Seven Lions? You’re not of this Earth.

1. Galantis – Galantis EP [Big Beat Records]

Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye = Galantis

Honorable Mention: Barely Alive – Lost In The Internet EP [Disciple]

Just about every producer and their mother have attempted to remix a piece of Barely Alive’s latest masterpiece.

Cyber Candy & Electrode – Rare Candy (Vonikk Remix) [FREE]

It has been quite some time since we lasted checked in on our favorite hard-rock influenced, electro production whiz known as David Vonikk or, more simply, Vonikk. After listening to his most recent remix of “Rare Candy,” a collaborative piece by Electrode and Cyber Candy, we figured now was as good a time as ever to reintroduce our listeners to the glory that is a Vonikk production.

What first peaked our interest in this young musician was David’s ability to incorporate incredible electric guitar pieces into his productions. Considering the slew of artists that blend rock music into their electronic dance tracks, we believe Vonikk’s to be of some of the most authentic. One can plainly hear by listening to a few of David Vonikk’s tracks that his abilities with the guitar are highly developed, making this coagulation of genres uncanny.

However, with all of this mind, this is NOT the reason why we are posting this next jam.

In fact, it is for the exact OPPOSITE reason.

On Vonikk’s most recent production, a remix of “Rare Candy”, he simply presents his talent as a top-notch professional and producer of electronic dance music. We cannot even begin to explain how catchy this song becomes after the first complextro breakdown. The melody created by David is on par with some of the best producers of progressive and electro house.

Just give the entire track a thorough listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Mr. Vonikk requests your support, please give him a “like” on Facebook or even a “follow” on his SoundCloud.