Varien & SirensCeol – Moonlight (Feat. Aloma Steele) [Monstercat]

This next jam is simply beautiful.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve championed one of the next two artists, Stephen Burke aka SirensCeol, from the most embryonic stages of his production career. Fortunately for Stephen, both his work ethic and intellect (the man attends Berkeley University, need we say more?) have catapulted his talents to the forefront of EDM production with his unique approach to melodic dubstep and many other genres.

I vividly remember when SirensCeol opened for another enigmatic, the genre-blurring production prodigy known as Savant. Josh Hernandez, the CEO of Alek’s record company (SectionZ Records) also happened to be in attendance as well.

Before the show began, I had excitedly rushed up to him and told him to pay special attention to the opening act, Stephen.

After SirensCeol performed a wicked set and was transitioning to let Aleks set up his gear, I beckoned Josh over to the front of the stage where I was standing.

“You gotta sign that artist,” I yelled over the music playing during the entr’acte, “He’s incredible.”

Josh simply smiled and gave me an ever so cool, “Yeah, maybe.”

Next thing I knew, six months later, young Stephen had released his first full-length on SectionZ Records with Josh.

Funny, huh?

Despite the fact that I love telling people ‘I told you so’, I will try my hardest to abstain here.

However, California-based producer SirensCeol has come quite a long way. This next jam with Varien will only serve to further this fact. Featuring the incredibly dulcet vocals of Aloma Steele (which Stephen himself was incredibly satisfied with), “Moonlight” reached the number one spot on Beatport’s Dubstep charts in virtually no time at all.

Let’s give a congratulatory “follow” to Varien and SirensCeol on their prospective social media outlets. We hope you enjoy this absolutely fantastic track, which was released on Monstercat…go figure.

Great work boys, keep em’ coming.

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Soundcloud: @VarienOfficial

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Soundcloud: @sirens-ceol

Bustre – Shadow [Monstercat]

Honestly, we don’t quite know what to say about this.

By all accounts, we are not bias when it comes to selecting music to post. No one is paying us that much (yet), and the fellows in Vancouver over at Monstercat most certainly are not supplying us with any “cheddar”, “bones”, “skrilla” or however you whippersnappers refer to money these days. With the first month of 2014 coming to a close, it is safe for us to say that Monstercat Records has easily edged out any and all competition involved in the release of quality electronic tunes.

Besides maybe Lil Kim, Alanis Morissette, Macy Gray, Switchfoot and Kesha.

That being said, and all brown-nosing aside, you-know-who is up to their old tricks again with their latest, epically stygian Drum and Bass single from Bustre, who apparently has resurfaced from his brief stint away in the shadows of despair (possibly crafting this beat?).

Buster Charles, or Bustre as he is cleverly known by, hails from Dundee, Scotland and has been “mixing all genres of D&B into 174 futuristic beats per minute” for quite some time now. His latest track, “Shadow,” is a nearly seven minute beast of a song. The entire first atmospherically driven minute is spent merely setting the mood for Bustre’s initial break of immense aural magnitude. We believe Mr. Charles has done an excellent job in varying the chords, instruments and overall mood in a way to make the rather lengthy track time seem almost irrelevant. Nicely done sir.

For this Rager, Drum and Bass music is ideal for one thing: getting shit done.

So get out your to-do list and throw this next one on repeat. Before you know it, you will have pumped out all those tasks with enough time to come back and read our next post.

Until then my friends.