Rager Onions Presents: The Top 5 LP’s of 2013

The Top 5 LP’s of 2013:

5. With the most musically diverse album on the list, Mat Zo has electrically paved his path with Damage Control.

4. Sub Focus never disappoints, and his latest LP, Taurus, may just prove to be his Sistine Chapel.

3. Avicii fused two polar opposite genres into something truly magical. We’re calling it electro-folk. Unfortunately Avicii’s manager put his money where his mouth is, and denied us the pleasure of a free listen on SoundCloud. Don’t worry, we marked it down for future reference. Bad little Ash…

2. Dinner and drinks for two at Feed Me‘s Calamari Tuesday.

1. These are the times that we live in, the times we’ve created. This is Rebel Era.

Honorable Mention: 

Easily the darkest of the bunch, Let It Burn proves once again that American dub-step does have a name. And it’s spelled DATSIK.

Ain’t No Party Like An Aylen Party – *Rapid Fire EP* [Get Down] [FREE]

We here at Rager Onions have been anxiously awaiting new material from Andrew Lin aka Aylen. This year, Andrew has stolen our ears and our hearts with massive tracks like ‘Silence Pt. II’ as well as his trap “Re-Fix” to Alesso’s remix of ‘Heiress of Valentina’.

This time around, Aylen is treading into new territory with his original tracks: Damage Control – a trap influenced, electro jam, and Rapid Fire – the acid-house influenced title track that will funk up any dance floor in town. Given Andrew’s versatility, we can only imagine how fantastic it would be to see one of his live sets.

Aylen offers fans love in the form of a free download to his new EP ‘Rapid Fire’, which can be found here.

Oh and if you’re looking for more why not try these: Soundcloud | Twitter – Those might be fun!