Dada Life – Feed The Dada (Inspir Remix) [Contest Winner]

Recently, as in almost a month ago, Dada Life finally released their eleven track remix LP featuring Stefan and Olle’s favorite renditions of classic Dada jams as produced by none other than the fans themselves. We think this is actually a great concept because it removes the overwhelming bias that often accompanies remix releases. That is, artists and labels will all to often include remixes by other artists on the same label, or they will select songs from producers who they’ve had prior relationships with in hopes that these up-and-coming talents may ride their already famous coattails in order to obtain exposure.

Now please, do not get us wrong, many of these artists in question are still capable of producing a quality track, we just get all warm and fuzzy inside when no underhanded motives are taking place behind the scenes. After all, nothing is more authentic than an unbiased selection.

Moving on to the matter at hand, however, it was one of these unbiased selections that caught the attention of the Rager Onions crew a few days ago. This next French Dada fanatic, Warren aka Inspir, has taken a crack at remixing one of our (and probably your) favorite Dada Life songs, “Feed The Dada.”

Nothing is more empowering/strangely erotic than knowing that Dada Life, much like The Holy Spirit, is omnipresent. In fact, they even seem to stick around when The Guy Upstairs decides to take a break (“we come into your soul when your God is gone”). With this in mind, we find it all the more comforting that artists like Inspir can bring songs like these with incredible lyrics to life again. Warren reminds us all as music fans that we will never be alone as long as we have our headphones and speakers. Not only do we simply hear our favorite producer’s music when listening, but we get to share in their experiences as well. Everything ever produced or recorded was done so with intent and feeling. It is these feelings behind the music that an experienced listener can queue in on and it is what we love most about providing you, the listeners, with new music.

Enjoy my fellow Onions.

The remix LP can be purchased here:

10 Hours of Free Music; Because America, That’s Why

Skrillex – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix [FREE]

The creator of OWSLA  is back with a brand new BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Skrillex has taken North America by storm and now he attempts to win over our brethren from across the pond with brand new material from his collaboration with German electro sensation Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize. If hip-hop influenced, acid disco-house isn’t your thing, do not fret. Sonny has included plenty of jams guaranteed to get your motor running on this hangover of a Monday.

It would appear as if this former Emo artist is changing his style once again, but what did you expect? After conquering the dubstep scene and bringing it to the forefront of mainstream music in the U.S., Skrillex diverges into yet another electronic scene. It is quite clear that he has the production skills to take on almost any genre.

So, how does it sound?

Well, that’s up to you to decide. We think it’s just more great music from Sonny Moore.

Give it and listen and tell us what you think.