Roaring Dubstep: Bare & Datsik – King Kong (TERRAVITA Remix) [HEAVY][FREE DL]

Peter Jackson’s 2005 rendition King Kong has nothing on Terravita’s.  Neither does Jack Black, Adrien Brody, or even the lovely Naomi Watts. If somebody makes a new King Kong movie, and they don’t choose this song to be the theme song – well that would just be a waste of everyone’s time.

Terravita spins ominously-pitched organs with a crunchy, tropical bassline. Their take on King Kong, originally produced by Bare & Datsik, is a dubstep thriller that’ll keep your head bobbing for all 303 seconds. If you can hang for that long. Formed in 2005 by Matt Simmers, Jon Spero, Chris Barlow, Terravita will tickle the fancy of anyone with an itch for bass music.

And this time around, the tickles are free.

Getter’s Back With New Teaser ‘Space’ [HEAVY!]

There’s no escaping the wrath of Getter.

This track sounds like it should be played in a movie theater, not a club. Actually a club works too. It would also be the perfect compliment to a spooky video game soundtrack (perhaps the Dead Space saga?).

When I listen to it, I imagine an astronaut hurling through cosmic space dimensions, in a bad way. The dark dub of Getter is unlike anything I have ever heard. On his Soundcloud he states that this is “my take on deep shit.” Your take on deep shit? If this is your ‘deep shit’ I don’t even want to know what your ‘scary shit’ is.

Strap yourself in. Prepare for blastoff and oh, and don’t get lost up there. You might just hear this freaky jam resonating in the bowels of deep space.

Oh, and he dropped this trill Datsik remix last night.

Zomboy Drops Epic Tease – ‘Here to Stay’ [HEAVY] [FUNKY] [PREVIEW]

On March 4th, No Tomorrow Recordings and Zomboy will release this.

The crunchy, energetic sound of Zomboy has mesmerized the crew here at Rager Onions for quite some time now. His highly-anticipated single, ‘Here to Stay’ (ft. Lady Chann) will be one of summer 2013’s biggest dubstep anthems.

We only call it ‘this’, because we don’t really know what to think of it. It sounds like :37 seconds of satanic heaven. Like the first time you saw a preview for Super 8, except it’s obviously not going to suck.