Krewella – Enjoy the Ride (Vicetone Remix)

Just last night, when listening to Ruben & Victor’s remix of Krewella’s original jam “Enjoy the Ride,” my best bro and fellow vegetable of the bulbed variety stated it perfectly when he said…

“You know what I love about Vicetone that I absolutely hate about most other producers? I know what I’m going to get each time I hear a new song from them, yet it still lives up to my expectations every single time. A rare feat in any genre of music, but a sign of great things to come.”

Not a whole lot I can follow that statement up with, well said Charles. Now all of you just listen, dammit.

Oh, and buy it here:

Krewella | Get Wet

Here we go Chicago, another time to stand up and feel proud of the amazing city we live in. Krewella, our favorite hometown DJ/producer group is back in impressive fashion with their highly anticipated album, Get Wet, off of Columbia records.

The krew’s official release date is set for September 24th; but being the kind, thoughtful, individuals that they are, the trio decided to release the album a few days early for all of their devoted fans to enjoy.

And let me be the first to tell you, WE ARE ENJOYING!

Get Wet consists of twelve unique songs containing high energy dubstep, infused electronic, and an underlying tone of rock and roll. Their production style, complemented by their (now) signature female vocals, has developed into something quite remarkable. Krewella exemplifies EDM, whether you like it or not. While a few of the songs off of the new album have already been released as singles (if you haven’t noticed, every producer in the industry now does this for monetary gain), there are still a number of unheard hits on the album.

The one that stood out?

“Dancing With The Devil”, featuring Patrick Stump, as well as a little known drummer boy named Travis Barker. To put it lightly, we were extremely impressed with the production value of Get Wet, and we hope other dubstep artists take note and start to concentrate on lengthier albums instead of this three track EP bullshit.

And that was putting it lightly.

Chicago Onionites – make sure to catch Krewella at their final destination of the Get Wet Tour at Aragon Ballroom on November 16th!

Krewella – Live For The Night [Happy] [Electro House]


The Rain Man aka Kris Trindl was serious when he reminded listeners that the trio known as Krewella did not want to be “pigeon-holed” into a strictly dub-step style sound categorization. If you thought that dub was what they produced best, think again.

Get ready for the latest electro-house single titled ‘Live For The Night’ from this holy trinity of Chicago based EDM producers. To begin, as always, the vocals from the Yousaf twins are blissful. But then again, auto-tune would transform the sound of getting mauled by a bear into something auricularly enchanting. However, if you’re looking for an infectious beat, look no further.

This song is poppy, fun and probably going to be over-played. Oh well, at least you can say you heard it first.