…While We Were Away [Just A Couple Tracks]

We have been away for some time.

And for that we apologize.

However, everybody needs some chill time every once in a while. The past few weeks for us was exactly that. Cut us a bit of slack, will ya’?

We are back, baby. Here a just a few tracks we’ve kept on repeat throughout the break.

(no particular order)


2. Beautiful drumstep track from JIKES and Nori.

3. Great remix to an already fantastic original.

4. Hard rock and even harder dub.

5. Nothing but Chi-Town love.

Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 7: Jingle Troll Rock [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Jingle Troll, Jingle Troll, Jingle Troll Rock…

The Chicago native trifecta known by all as Krewella is back, serving up another fresh edition to their famous “Troll Mix” series. The holidays are just around the corner and the Krew thought it appropriate to title this hour long mix, “Jingle Troll Rock.”

This will be Jahan, Yasmin and the Rain Man’s seventh installment to their mix tape series, and it just may be the best one yet. It all just goes to show why Krewella is one of the most recognizable names in electronic dance music today. With unprecedented releases, engrossing live sets with vocals and a gigantic following in the United States, this trio of producers is sure to be the face of EDM in 2014.

Happy Holidays from our crew here at Rager Onions (see what we did there? subtle.)


Skrillex -­‐ Scatta (dead robot’s Drumstep bootleg)
Skism -­‐ Rave Review (ak9’s in your face mix)
The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag -­‐ sedated (barely alive remix)
The Prototypes -­‐ Suffocate vip
Knife party -­‐ LRAD (The Prototypes Booty Call).
Krewella -­‐ One Minute (Dotexe’s dopest dope remix)
Far Too Loud -­‐ Trailmixing.
Apollo feat. amba shepherd (Noisecontrollers remix)
Unknown -­‐ Cant Control myself.
Showtek -­‐ Booyah (Cash Cash remix)
Krewella -­‐ Live for the night (xilent remix)
Organ Donors -­‐ Mach 2 (shuse & ryoji takahashi remix)
Organ Donors -­‐ Devolution (Anne Savage remix)
Krewella -­‐ Alive (Rebourne Remix)
FTampa -­‐ Hero
Alex Kidd -­‐ Tiptoes
John Newman -­‐ Love Me Again (kove remix)
Krewella -­‐ Dancing With The Devil
Twinz Beatz -­‐ Kronos (tb bass so hard remix)
Nicky Romero feat. Krewella -­‐ Legacy (Candyland’s OG remix)
Krewella -­‐ We Are One (DMNDZ remix)

9 Ass-Kicking EDM Running Songs: It’s Getting Cold Edition [Musical Adrenaline]


I guess you could call this list a fan favorite.

Wait – do we have any fans? Do you guys even like us? Are we doing a good job? Tell us what you think on our MySpace page! 

At Rager Onions, we’re not about joking around. We’re about giving back. And since we’re already fighting the war on poverty, we try to support the community’s mental health. And nothing bumps the stress like breaking a sweat. And what do you need to break a sweat? Some musical adrenaline.

So here you go, nine more ideal songs for an ass-kicking run. Throw on a sweatshirt, take a step outside, and suck in a cold, deep breath of that bitter Chicago air.

Flip on your hood. Flip on these songs. And most importantly, flip off everyone you run by.

Because whoever they are, they secretly hate you.

9 Ass-Kicking Songs To Run To:

1. Felguk – Loudblue
Start things off right. Believe me, you’ll wake up somewhere near the 1:30 mark.

2. Zedd – Stay The Night (ft. Hayley Williams)
I really hope Kiss FM doesn’t butcher this like they did ‘Clarity’. But let’s be very clear, this new track featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore is legendary. Simply legendary.

3. Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance
A phenomenal collaboration with an epic intro, and a melody that becomes more and more captivating with every play.

4. Sultan + Ned Shepard – All These Roads (ft. Zella Day & Sam Martin)
Cause: Avicii essentially invents folk-house.
Effect: Sultan+Ned Shepard drop an absolute stunner.

5. Cash Cash – Overtime
We’re all in on Cash Cash.

6. Katy Perry – Roar (dBerrie ‘Plurred Out’ Remix)
D0n’t let another radio-favorite scare you away. Because if I was a girl, I would totally listen to this awesome remix.

7. Favright – Green Storm
Spook, sexy, and bad for sneakers.

8. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (Spag Heddy Ft. Nassim Arastoopour Cover)
Everybody has guilty pleasures. Miley Cyrus just turns hers into chart-topping singles.

P.S. It’s a remix. So don’t feel too guilty.

9. Imagine Dragon – It’s Time (Kat Krazy Remix)
I’ve been all Kat Krazy lately (actually I fucking hate cats). But you’ll be an instant sucker for these fist-pumping vocals, kindly provided by one of the hottest names in music: Imagine Dragons. Add an irresistible melody from an absolute up-and-comer, and you’ll hear why I saved the best for last.

Just try to keep up.