Musical Adrenaline: 10 Best EDM Running Songs (Summer Is Coming Edition)


In honor of what we like to call ‘the boom’ (that magical moment in spring when everyone begins acting-a-fool because they realize summer isn’t that far away anymore) – we’ve put together another edition of ‘Musical Adrenaline’ for your audio entertainment.

Like craft beers, the temperature, and your general outlook on life – workout routines change by the season. Every new one brings a different running environment, and of course – every new season demands a fresh playlist.

So, put the shitty winter behind you. And more importantly, stop talking to me about it in the elevator. Your breath smells like old cheese mixed with burnt rubber, and I have no interest in becoming your friend. Seriously, why do people feel so obliged to make conversation in the elevator? Like, come on dude – I’m reading the tag on the bottom of my sweater – does it really seem like I want to talk?


Put on your sneakers, download these songs, and go break a sweat.

Summer is coming.

10. Porter Robinson – ‘Sea of Voices’

I always like to get my run started with something slow. And this track off of Porter’s new album is pretty ideal.

9. Jaytech – ‘Megastructure’

One of many songs from Anjunabeats that I’ve utilized for ‘physical health’ purposes over the last few weeks. And ‘waking up way too fucking early’ purposes.

8. Vicetone – ‘White Lies’

The latest single from Vicetone. These Dutch up-and-comers still continue to find their way onto every list we throw together. Although this doesn’t quite hit the spot like their ‘Clarity’ remix (I don’t know if anything will) – it certainly does the trick.

7. Calvin Harris – ‘Summer’

Need I say more?

6. Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix)

‘Hindsight’ (Audien’s newest single) and ‘Circles’ were both true contenders. But Audien’s rendition of Bastille’s smash-hit was unprecedented. It’s definitely the best spin on ‘Pompeii’ (there’s been many), and maybe the best remix of the year so far.

5. Avicii – ‘Liar Liar’ (Avicii by Avicii Remix)

1 of the 2 songs included from Avicii’s upcoming (self) remix EP (True, Avicii by Avicii). I won’t go on about how brilliant Tim Bergling’s latest project is, I’ll just let you hear for yourself. ‘Liar Liar’ was my least favorite song on the original True album.

Not anymore.

4. Ilan Bluestone – ‘Waves Of LA’ & ‘Elysian’

I included Ilan’s entire new mini-EP for two reasons:

1. The individual links weren’t available.

2. I couldn’t decide between ‘Elysian’ and ‘Waves of LA’.

So i’ll let you decide.

3. Progresia feat. Linnea Schossow – ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’ (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

Oh what the hell, this imminent trance sensation deserves the extra attention. This is Ilan Bluestone’s remix of ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’ – and it has single handedly given me numerous stomach cramps and back aches over the last few months. Give it some time to pick up.

After the 2-minute mark you’ll be running on air.

2. Avicii – ‘You Make Me’ (Avicii Remix)

You just can’t go wrong with the 80’s.

1. Kaskade – ‘Atmosphere’

And of course, I always save the best for last. This is a beat I’ve been playing on repeat all month long. And frankly, Kaskade’s masterpiece is one of the most captivating melodies that mankind has ever created. Seriously…I’m not kidding.

Stop laughing at me!

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1. There’s a reason why this song is number one, and his name is TwoThirds.

2. Calvin Harris & Empire Of The Sun. Enough said.

3. I don’t know what’s in the water over there in Australia, but let’s make sure Walden keeps drinking it.

4. If Bruno Mars was smart he’d drop Audiens remix at the Super Bowl.

5. One of the best remixes of any song I’ve ever heard. Ever. Thank you Throttle.

6. Lana Del Rey keeps popping up on our website. But can you blame her when Kaskade is behind the decks?

7. You have now entered Tritonia.

8. Benny Benassi teams up with up and comer Alex Gaudino. The result? Something truly magical.

9. Cash Cash has been all the rage this summer. But have you heard Fareoh’s remix of “Take Me Home”?

10. Nothing like a little Madeon to finish you off.

Ellie Goulding – Burn [Tiesto Remix] [Happy]


A genre of music originally popular in the early 80’s is making a come back in the form of one of the most popular and beautiful female artists in the industry today, Ellie Goulding. After producing radio hits ‘Lights‘ and ‘Starry Eyed‘, the voice of her generation went and collaborated with Calvin Harris on her most recent track, ‘I Need Your Love‘. There’s no arguing that this 26 year old singer-songwriter has made a name for herself not only in EDM, but throughout the music and entertainment industry. Teenage girls and EDM bros agree; this girl can sing.

With her powerful voice and wide vocal range, the EDM world just cannot say no to working with Ellie. Her mesmerizing, transient voice created a discography more impressive than the Blackhawks running train on the NHL this season. However, the question is, whose next?

Tiesto, that’s who. His remix of ‘Burn‘ is exactly what you would expect from the legendary Dutch producer. A solid, fist pumping beat, complimented with an euphoric melody that leaves you feeling like a 5 year girl finding a puppy on Christmas morning.  Who doesn’t love puppies!? (People don’t forget, Mike Vick.)

By slowing down the vocals and pairing them synchronously with Tiesto’s big-room sound, the result is unprecedented depth that sounds like you’re raving in the Grand Canyon. And by the time the song actually drops, your inadvertent finger just happens to be clicking repeat.