9 Brand New Songs That You Need To Hear

According to the internet, a lot of new electronic dance music came out this week.

Exciting! And obviously, this is a must-listen. But we already talked about how epic, sick, dirty, and nasty Nero’s new song “Satisfy” is (click the link dude).

Unless you were on a hiatus from real life this week, you probably noticed that Nero wasn’t the only artist who dropped some fresh jam-sauce this week. That’s right, I said jam sauce.

In fact, there’s quite a spectrum of “jam sauce” to choose from. That’s why I’ve taken precious time out of my precious day to provide you with these precious songs.

Hope you’re happy with yourself.

Ranked in order of how much I liked them (start your own blog), here’s 9 Brand New Songs That You Need To Hear: 

9. Aether | Picture Perfect

Chops got me like “damn son”.


8. Lane 8 | Every Night

For lack of a more bro way to say this, ‘Every Night’ is pretty much a 9/10 on the ‘chill scale’.


7. Coldplay | Sky Full Of Stars (Bombs Away Bounce Bootleg)
You can’t go wrong with Coldplay vocals (well, sometimes). You can’t go wrong with Bombs Away (well, Melbourne bounce in general). And you certainly cannot go wrong with a free download.
But all three? Now that’s just crazy.


6. DotEXE | My New Addiction

I feel inspired to produce my own romantic comedy (featuring Kate Hudson) when I listen to this. But really, the title says it all.

This song is addicting.

Give into the peer pressure.

Everybody’s doing it.


5. Adventure Club | Wonder (ANDRU Remix)

‘Wonder’ might be one of the best songs of the year. So it’s no wonder why a trap remix would be any different.


4. Favright | Taking Over (feat. Cassandra Kay)

Another monster jam from one of Monstercat’s finest.


3. White Rabbit | Let’s Be Friends (REMIX) 

Remixing your own song is bold. Then again, so is naming yourself “Let’s Be Friends” when you create raging dub step melodies. Everything that Let’s Be Friends does is bold and simply bodacious.

And I love everything about it.


2. Gabriel Rios | Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)

Remember earlier when I said ‘Every Night’ is a 9/10 on the ‘chill scale’.

Well, this song is like a 9.5, out of 9.5.


1. Porter Robinson – Sad Machine

I’ve listened to this song 13 times today.

Do I need to say more?

Timmy Trumpet & SCNDL – Bleed [Monstercat] (Melbourne Bounce)

It’s a brand new form of house music taking the dance world by storm. It’s similarities mirror that of Dutch house, however this time the evolution of EDM has taken a trip down under.

Welcome to ‘Melbourne Bounce’.

In the past, we’ve highlighted some of the pioneers of this up and coming Australian based genre. Artists like Bombs Away, Will Sparks, J-Trick and Deorro have paved the arduous path into EDM relativity for new up and comers like these next two trailblazers to change the game up with their exotic and intriguing style of music. It’s official: The United States has finally succumb to the lively Aussie spirit – evident by their energetic, hyper-sexual taste in all things bouncy (music and bust). Characterized by a (chromatically tuned) ticking intro, a whistling break, and the ever identifiable “drag-rap” vocoder on vocals, bounce music has transformed into something quite stimulating for both the mind and body.

Although that sort of depends on your age and social status (i.e. Do you like to get down?).

SCNDL and Timmy Trumpet are two artists relatively unexplored on this side of the pond. Does that idiom apply if we’re not going to Europe? Either way, that’s a big pond. Why do people use such a misleading phrase?

Anyways, these next two artists have spawned somewhat of an anomaly in the current realm of EDM. By merging the aforementioned qualities of a quintessential bounce (specifically Melbourne) tune with the sheer elegance and allure manifested in Timmy’s trumpet, these two new Monstercat signees have created an utterly breathtaking composition with upper management written all over it. It’s not too often two completely disassociated elements of music can so eloquently coexist.

Hats off, gents. Hats off.

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Chicken Soup for the Raver Soul [Weekly Sets]

Hungover still?

Us too….

Maybe this will help jumpstart your miserable Monday.

1. Group Therapy 051 w/ Above & Beyond and Mat Zo.

2. Tritonia 028

3. Tom Swoon Live at RMF MAXXX (11/02/2013)

4. Project 46 – Pancake Radio 007

5. Bombs Away – November Mix

6. Kairo Kingdom – We Are Friends Vol. 2