Pyramyth – Pharaoh EP [DUSTLA]

Well howdy there folks. Can’t rightly say I heard you fellas come in, shucks.


Today, we here at Rager Onions proudly present to you another release that’s fresh off the presses over at DUSTLA. And for the last god damn time, no. We are assuredly NOT talking about OWSLA. We heard the new Skrillex ok? We’re just trying to talk about something else here. So just drop it.

Moving on, D-U-S-T-L-A, who is definitely not owned by Sonny Moore, does indeed share a few common musical threads with its similarly monikered mega-label from LA. Besides offering listeners uncanny EDM jams with “massive drops and rough, fat basslines,” DUSTLA prides itself on how their repertoire of producers follow these intensely clamorous pieces of electronic psychosis.

Utilizing their superior production knowhow, the lineup over at DUSTLA, which includes artists like: Karetus, ak9, Spag Heddy, I.Y.F.F.E., Alex Mind and Shirobon, elegantly and almost effortlessly laces “melodic” and “innocent breakdowns” with other intensely complex, filthier sections to amalgamate a style truly unique to this up-and-coming label. Promising prospective listeners “fresh talent” and “unique new styles”, DUSLTA will keep that infectious, thunder-like euphony rolling out of your speakers with each and every release.


Recently, I was turned onto this next electronic dance musician, William Gonzalez, or Pyramyth, by a buddy of mine working over at the label (D to the USTLA). When I was informed that Mr. Gonzalez would be releasing a 4 track EP (which dropped about a week ago now) titled “Pharaoh” on DUSLTA, I was nothing short of ecstatic in anticipation. Then, after I actually got a chance to listen to this piece of art, it was all smiles for the rest of that day.

I mean fuck, I’m still smiling.

Employing a hefty portfolio of both modern and classic electronic techniques, Pyramyth applies his own brand of nostalgic, chip-tune influenced, glitch style to opening track, “The Pharaoh.” This has got to be our favorite of the quartet. From here, this Mexican producer delves into the more macabre side of the electric spectrum with “Gravity Gun”, an Electro House banger on par with any of the beats from the geniuses over at Knife Party, and “Taco Bass”, an enigmatically erratic yet melodic dubstep production.

Lastly, Pyramyth steps into a more unfamiliar territory in terms of production methods with his final song on the EP, “Miami Borderline Syndrome.” The result is a beautifully diverse, trap-resemblant jam with hints of complextro Nu Disco funk.

Check it out. Hell, while you’re at it, check them out!

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Nostalgia – Corruption EP [Play Me]

If we are not mistaken, the last time we received a proper dose of good, old-fashion Nostalgia, it was on Andew’s reinvention (VIP) of his original production, “The Hero,” an homage to the classic, 8-bit theme song from the Zelda video game series. This time however, we’ve got four times the filthy bass in the form of four tracks comprising his brand new “Corruption EP”, which dropped on Play Me Records February 24th.

Nostalgia certainly seems to be making great strides as a composer. Upon glancing over the past year or so of music on Andrew Hill’s SoundCloud, a close examination of his tunes will prove this, as will a quick listen to his new EP, “Corruption.” Drawing influence from all corners of the dark, heavy bass-driven realm of the electronic dance music world, Nostalgia has stepped up his game in a fashion less resemblant of his name and former chip-tunesque motif.

Personal favorite: “Bad Machine (The Other Side VIP)” – includes an incredibly euphonic, high-pitched, synthesizer whine that blasts straight out of your speakers and fills the room with physiology-altering static.

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Beat Fatigue | Snake ‘N Bake [Glitch Funk]


This next artist does not give a flying funk.

Dutch producer and all around funky brotha Beat Fatigue has been experimenting with music since the age of 10, when he picked up the guitar for the first time. His inspiration came in the form of a fascination with two of the funkiest, six-string thrashers of all time: John Scofield and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Since then, BF has been studying any new style of music he can as well as learning a whole lot along the way. As of late, he has concentrated all of these experiences in music precipitating in the form of a unique take on electronic dance music production. This layer cake of expertise can include but is not limited to: Jazz, Blues, Glitch, Dubstep, Soul, Hiphop, Neuro and Funk. However, regardless of genre, one thing is abundantly clear: Beat Fatigue will make you dance your ever-so-fine ass off (we mean it, you been working out?).

His latest EP, A Lil’ Different, which was released on Adapted Records earlier this month, is certainly one hell of a funky and fun ride. The opening track “Shake ‘N Bake” is the most entertaining track I have heard this year. It brings together elements of Swing, Funk, Glitch, Blues and Bass music to synthesize an ultra unique, groovy hook to keep you going all night.

“Shake it baby.”

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