The Rise of SNAILS: An Underground Tale (Bass Music)

Bass music. Yea, it’s a thing.

And fortunately for you youngsters out there with your eardrums still intact, there’s an artist in the midst of a meteoric rise to fame in the world of EDM.

His name is SNAILS, and he’s here to blast you in the face with his monster bass. The Montreal native recently released his new SLUGZ EP on Kannibalen Records. With mastering skills like these, it’s no wonder that this formerly underground producer has finally come out of his shell.

With support from the likes of Datsik and Skrillex, the name SNAILS has popped up on a number of our radars (we have over 2,000 radars stationed worldwide). Personally, we cannot get enough of this unique take on dub-style bass music.

We look forward to future releases from this talented and mysterious producer.

Bel Heir – Kiss The Devil (Just A Gent Remix) [Free DL]

Newcastle native and electronic music producer Jacob Grant, also known as Just A Gent, has been garnering A LOT of attention lately on SoundCloud and various other social media platforms from EDM fanatics and handfuls of already established producers.

Normally, it is Jacob’s originally refreshing rendition of Melodic Trap or Lovetrap that has been drawing attention from all corners of the EDM-o-sphere. However, on this next remix, he has changed the pace a bit and thrown in some new sounds, of which are more resemblant of the dubstep/chillstep variety.

Either way, Just A Gent’s remix to “Kiss The Devil” by Bel Heir is yet another reason to follow this up and coming production whiz from Australia in the hopes that his great music will reach listener’s ears everywhere.

Soundcloud: @BelHeirMusic

Firepower Records | Shell Shock Vol. 2 [Full-LP stream]

Wanna know what Datsik and the roster over at Firepower Records have been up to this year?

Well that will be easy.

(this is where you listen to the mind-numbing intensity of the artists on FPR’s “Shell Shock Vol. 2”)