New World Sound – Genie [Free Download]

New World Sound is back and most certainly in proper fashion. Jesse Taylor and Tyrone James Taylor of NWS have been steadily riding that thin line between various sub-genres by using instruments like the banjo, flute and countless others to craft a peculiar, completely original sound. It is their ability to experiment with these new sounds and styles that leaves this production duo near the top of our list for EDM musicians to watch closely in twenty fourteen.

“Genie”, the most recent release by this tandem of brother DJs, is yet another testament to Jesse and Tyrone’s uncanny effort to expand their sound and dominate yet another style. In the case of this particular track, the boys have set their sights on (in our opinions) one of the most fun genres of electronic dance music: Melbourne Bounce. New World Sound has had some experience with these sounds in the past, however, it would seem that their skills have been sharply honed since their last attempt at Bounce.

Unfortunately, this next track appears to be somewhat of a work in progress. It’s either that, or, three minutes was all that they needed to produce this infectiously energetic and fun original jam. Regardless, this song deserves a listen from you true Ragers out there.

You know what to do.

MUST DIE! Fever Dream EP [Heavy] [We Will Never Say Die]

There is nothing more exciting than watching an artist develop. Lee Austin Bates aka MUST DIE! has come a long way in 2013, crafting his sound and making a name for himself in the world of EDM. With former releases on power house record companies such as Ultra, Mad Decent, Play Me and Atlantic, it was only a matter of time before this “professional Skull Kid” joined up and rubbed elbows with the greats.

Now this Atlanta based production whiz joins forces with the Never Say Die family, a personal Rager favorite, securing himself a spot among some of the most talented bass music phenoms. For example, Zomboy, ever heard of him? Yeah, we thought so.

Lee’s particular style of music is used as a medium to capture the wonders/horrors of his own life experiences, including but not limited to: “the essence of childhood, manic depression, bad anime and sleep deprivation.” On his Facebook, MUST DIE! describes his sound as “reminiscent of being lost in an 8-bit jungle with a high-grade fever while eating sour candy.”

That is certainly one way to put it, but the only way to really know is to listen.

That is where we come in.

Please, if you like the music, why not buy it? Not all musicians are racking in the dough, so help out our boy and support the artist.

The Doctor Is In – New Single From Doctor P – ‘The Champagne Böp’ [HEAVY]

Our favorite pseudo-physician has commenced to satiate his fan-base once again with the release of a couple new jams. Shaun Brockhurst’s latest single titled ‘The Champagne Böp’ sounds like the Doctor P we have all grown to love. Ah, yes. That deep, driving bass, his signature high-pitched, synthesizer compositions. We just cannot get enough of what Doctor P cooks up.

It would be a pity to pass on the latest banger from this UK based sensation.

Blast this one for us, or at least do it for M.D. P.

OH YEAH! Speaking of dope tracks, if you missed this one, we feel real bad for you. For realz.