Krewella – Enjoy the Ride (Vicetone Remix)

Just last night, when listening to Ruben & Victor’s remix of Krewella’s original jam “Enjoy the Ride,” my best bro and fellow vegetable of the bulbed variety stated it perfectly when he said…

“You know what I love about Vicetone that I absolutely hate about most other producers? I know what I’m going to get each time I hear a new song from them, yet it still lives up to my expectations every single time. A rare feat in any genre of music, but a sign of great things to come.”

Not a whole lot I can follow that statement up with, well said Charles. Now all of you just listen, dammit.

Oh, and buy it here:

EDX & Leventina – The Tempest (Extended Mix) [Spinnin’ Records]

Music makes me lose control, even if it’s 9:00 AM on a Tuesday.

Two names rarely covered yet happily discovered by Rager Onions, EDX and Leventina have slowly but surely climbed their respective ways up the ladder to stardom. EDX first hit the scene in 1994, releasing various mix tapes that found their way into the hands of some of the biggest names in dance music in the mid-90’s. An Italian native, EDX has remixed songs for the likes of Deadmau5, Axwell, Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, Armin Van Buuren, Kaskade and Funkagenda.

Leventina also know a thing or two about success in their own right. Andrea and Christian encapsulate the defining sound of Spinnin’ Records. Known for their masterful production work in the studio, the two young Swiss musicians find themselves near the top of the electro house charts. With a vast knowledge of the history of house music, the up and coming duo have progressed their unique, niche sound to new heights. With songs released on Unreleased Digital, S2 Records, Strictly Rhythm and Defected, Christian and Andrea have truly made a name for themselves so far in 2013.

With their latest collaboration “The Tempest”, EDX and Leventina continue to prove their worth in the industry of electronic dance music. Their latest single is available for a free download after the break. And don’t forget to support these artists by purchasing the song on Beatport.

Beatport link:

Top 10 EDM Songs of 2013 (Halfway There)


After assembling over 35 tracks from the last six months, we narrowed it down to 10. Each of the four members here at Rager Onions voted, and here’s what we came up with. Then we got a slice of pizza. What else do you think we do in Chicago?

And if you think these rankings suck ass, maybe you should start your own blog. We dont want you here anyways!

Because Independence Day is upon us. So along with some plump wieners (on the grill), a few 30-racks of Budweiser, and enough fireworks to entertain an ADD five-year-old for a week: here’s another way to celebrate freedom.

With the freedom of this year’s top 10 tracks so far.

10. Better than the original? Maybe. This song requires two hands to fist pump. 

9. You’ll know. 

8. When Protohype goes chill, the crowd goes wild. Prepare for his greatest track yet. Period.

7. Skrillex was one of the first artists to release anything in 2013. Upon hearing this for the first time, we knew it would be one of this year’s best. 

6. Beautifully unique, overwhelmingly awesome. 

5. Wayfarer is Connecticut for trance. 

4. Nothing tiny about this anthem. A better name would’ve been Epic Little Anthem. Anyways, Go M Machine. 

3. Mother fucking Animals. 

2. Power Glove was so good it made the rest of the EP seem crappy. No joke. 

1. Easy decision.