Dublicate – Come On (King Trimble Remix) [Creeper Moombahdub] [FREE]

We know, we know. We get it, ok?

Dubstep is unfortunately becoming more watered down than your favorite mixed drink at the most popular club in town. However, it is songs like these that keep beasts like us coming back to that overgrown music oasis in order to quench our proverbial thirst for great jams.

It was the simplicity of this next track by King Trimble that caught our attention when first listening to his remix of “Come On” by Dublicate. Taylor Martin of KT has crafted the perfect creepy aura to go along with his ominously foreboding chord progression.

The extremely catchy opening sequence will lull the listener into a false sense of security when considering the absolute filth that unfurls after the :55 mark. However, Taylor does try and provide fair warning in the form of a ultra creepy cackle at about half-way through the first minute. It certainly succeeds in making the hair on the back of our neck stand up raising goosebumps all over our skin.

His drop sounds like somebody stepping into a haunted house straight out of Mario 64. King Trimble uses these absolutely brilliant and vibrant synthesizers to fill out the empty frequencies. Moreover, what we enjoyed most was the change in tempo occuring halfway through the song. King Trimble steps up the pace and reiterates the first half of his jam at an entirely different angle. Just wait for it.

Pure gold.

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