Above & Beyond Releases Acoustic Album [Study/Work Music]


Back in the spring/summer of 2013, Above and Beyond recorded an acoustic studio album featuring a 24-piece live orchestra. The album features some of their most memorable productions to date: “Thing Called Love”, “Sun & Moon” and “Love Is Not Enough”, to name a few.

A & B’s Tony McGuinness had this to say when speaking of the journey to completion:

The acoustic project is a reconnection with the musicians that we were before we met. The songs have been on an interesting journey to get here because we tend to write in a fairly acoustic way anyway. We don’t just stick a bit of vocal over a dance track – that’s not how we work. We try to start with a song and it’s usually only later down the line that we take certain elements from that song and progress them into a more dance-floor friendly version“.

For all you musical theory nay-sayers out there, let this be a lesson. Classical training and song-writing go a long way in electronic music, and your musicianship cannot fully evolve until you allow yourself to understand the historical development of the world’s greatest remedy.

Here’s proof that “EDM” acts as just another useless acronym in the vast frontier that is music production.

Buy the album on iTunes: bit.ly/ABAcoustic-iTunes

Buy the Special Edition Book: bit.ly/ABAcoustic-DVD


EDM Goes Acoustic | Matthew Koma – The Cherrytree Sessions

For the select few of you who do not recognize the name Matthew Koma, you might be more familiar with the absolutely massive tracks he has provided vocals for. Maybe you’ve heard of a little song by Zedd called ‘Spectrum’? How about that monster beat by Alesso which goes by the name of ‘Years’?

We knew you would recognize know those.

Well, besides belting out unparalleled vocal pieces, Matthew Koma also happens to know a thing or two about the acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar you ask? Yeah, we know. It’s this ancient and tangible recording device that you have to play live in order to produce music. Weird right? It’s actually made of wood and possesses five strings which can be physically plucked to produce sounds. Strange, we know.

However, thanks to Cherrytree Records, Matt has released three brand new acoustic tracks which pay tribute to some of the biggest songs in electronic music. Besides covering both tracks mentioned previously in this article , Mr. Koma has also done listeners a solid in covering a track that many would say is one of the best EDM has to offer. We are speaking of course of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some acoustic bliss by a man who you will certainly be hearing a lot more from.

DADA LIFE – So Young So High (Dada Philharmonic Orchestra Version)


Dada Life decided to make an acoustic “version” of their latest hit So Young So High. This recording, filmed live from Stockholm, Sweden, is a masterpiece of epic proportions.

Aside from adding to the brilliance of their melodies, the song is a heartwarming rendition of a Rager Onions’ favorite.

Watch the video for an inside look into how the Swedish duo hits those oh-so-high notes with perfect harmony.

Now all we need is some champagne and bananas.