The Chainsmokers, Progressive (House) Punks [HAPPY] [Featured Artist]


You can’t describe The Chainsmokers with just those two words alone. ‘The’ is an adjective used to emphasize exclusivity, and ‘Chainsmoker’ suggests heavy tobacco use. So although each word serves a purpose to society, The Chainsmokers are best defined by their Progressive House.

Aside from being the next big thing to blow out of the Big Apple, they’re also “self proclaimed male models” and “retired JV high school athletes.” We think it’s just nice to see a couple bros doing what they love in good humor, and making people happy in the meantime.

The New York City duo has some nice credentials, too. They’ve spun at top clubs in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Miami and L.A – but none more important than the home turf of Rager Onions, Soldier Field.

Old-school American-music influences this duos’ spirited style, merging a little rock, hip-hop, and soul. Add vocals that could make a grown man sing, and you’ve got the house recipe for success.