Eminence & RedMoon | Changes feat. Holly Drummond


So hot right now!

Releasing some of the most eclectic tunage in the electronic game, their latest jam on SoundCloud has got me up out of my seat dancing alone in my basement.  Not like that’s a rarity for me (I have issues).

Eminence & RedMoon clearly dedicated some quality time and effort with their latest production, “Changes”. The track gives us everything we need in an electro club mix: perfectly timed builds transitioning into heavy bass lines, accompanied by a trance like piano lead that’ll shoot your brain to another dimension (Does that make sense? It doesn’t have to, so quit analyzing me). Take all of that and pair it with the beautiful lyrics of the goddess vocalist that is Holly Drummond, and what do you get?

My favorite song at the moment. But how long is a moment?

And for that answer, we will refer you to our in-house theoretical specialist, original.

Our Top 5 Mixes of the Week | Featuring Tommy Trash, Project 46, Krewella, and more!

Grab yourself a stick of butter and some maple syrup before saddling up for this one. Breakfast is served, compliments of Project 46.

While currently on his Hounds of Hell tour with Wolfgang Gartner, Tommy Trash still managed to find time in the studio providing us another free episode of Trashed.

Currently soaking EDM goers on their Get Wet tour, Krewella set some time aside to gift us with another volume of their impressive Troll mixes.

Samoa good music right here. This time Structure takes over the decks with a high energy, heavy-hitting minimix.

Miranda who? Not sure, but whoever said females can’t DJ need to slow their role and take a listen to this next set.

Zedd | Stay The Night (Tiesto’s Club Life Remix)

Earlier this year, Tiesto impressed many of his loyal fans with his remix of Zedd’s popular radio track, “Clarity”. Once the legendary Dutchman got a taste of Zedd’s own dressing, it’s no surprise that Tiesto would rework another one of Anton Zaslavski’s legendary tracks.

“Stay The Night” exists as an incredible track all by itself. However, with the addition of Tiesto’s heavy hitting synths and inspiring builds working along side Hayley William’s majestic vocals, the track takes on a completely different persona. Not many artists have a universally expansive audience like Tiesto and Zedd; so expect to hear this colossal remix cleverly mixed into your upcoming fall shows.

Speaking of Fall shows…

While most impactful tracks are recognized in the first play, I suggest you press repeat on this one.

Trust me, it’s just that much sweeter the second time around.