Redefining Electro w/ LAZER LAZER LAZER [NEW]


Why do you continue to release hard-hitting, monumental remixes while hiding from the spotlight? We’ve jumped on your bandwagon and have been traveling for months now. But we’re tired of searching, and our final destination seems unattainable. Show yourself, or we will be forced to jump off the wagon and back into reality.

Their sound takes a life of it’s own – hard-hitting, aggressive electro music organically formatted to fit this screen. Early on, Knife Party’s signature sound lived in a world of it’s own; until LAZER LAZER LAZER decided to attack with all their might and force them out of the country (so to speak).

And lucky for us, the result was nothing short of magnificent. Their latest remix of Elliphant’s “Revolusion” lives up to the LAZER (x3) name, which at this point has become somewhat of a rarity in the electronic dance music scene.

The day LAZER LAZER LAZER takes to the live stage, make sure you’re front row to take in the rapture. Because once the mainstream takes hold of their music, there’s no turning back.





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