Seven Lions | Worlds Apart EP (Melodic Dubstep)


Who is Jeff Montalvo?

Jared Leto’s long lost twin? Nope.

A better looking Tommy Trash? Maybe.

Possibly the most underrated producer in EDM?

I think so.

While the name Seven Lions might be foreign to some, it always seems to be at the tip of our tongue when discussing our favorite melodic dubstep artists. His unique sound has sent shockwaves through the electronic scene, and artists across the multitude of sub-genres have attempted (in one way or another) to implement his crafty builds and revolutionary drops. Montalvo stated that his creative inspiration rarely succumbs to his current taste in music. He says:

 “I don’t listen to electronic music regularly, I still listen to metal honestly. I mean I only really listening to electronic music when I’m looking for songs, actively, to put in my set. I’m always into Viking Metal, I like folky stuff. I like stuff that really takes you out of somewhere you are and puts you somewhere else.”

Not quite what you would expect in terms of influences, but maybe that’s what makes Seven Lions such a remarkably talented artist. His new EP, titled Worlds Apart, is available now on Casablanca Records. Purchase the five song EP at the link below, or check out each song for yourself on his SoundCloud. But beware, dopamine and serotonin levels may spike as a cause of mass euphoria.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

New EP Worlds Apart Available now on Casablanca Records.

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