Stonebank – Eagle Eyes (feat. Emel) [MONSTERCAT]

When it comes to producing melodic dubstep, living in the shadow of an artist like Seven Lions is certainly no walk in the park. In order for an emerging artist to grab the attention of the electronic dance world, they must offer up a track that is truly a work of art, something rather special. Unfortunately, it is the inherent predisposition we all share as human beings that clouds our judgement when listening to new music. We are more willing to accept or enjoy a production from an artist in which we are already acquainted with (call it a bias if you will). We want their music to be good because we have already invested time in the artist(s) in question.

Fortunately for this next producer, he picked the right platform in which to springboard his euphonic genius onto our collective ears. It’s not even a contest any more, Monstercat = good music. It is as simple as that. Word up to our Canadian brethren pumping out wildly enjoyable EDM tunes day in and day out.

With the help of our feline friends, Stonebank brings us his first discernible release to date. “Eagle Eyes” (featuring vocals by EMEL) will warp the listener on a journey through a dense, dynamically shifting melodic dubstep landscape eloquently crafted by this up and coming producer hailing from, you guessed it, the UK.


Above & Beyond | “Sticky Fingers”

I know you want to ask the question, so just ask it.

How does Above & Beyond continue to produce stellar track after stellar track without keeling over and dying?

It’s called hard work. Write that down. Or type it, since the physical act of putting a pen to paper seems to be loosing it’s appeal. What ever happened to cursive handwriting anyways? I spent my entire childhood being told that cursive would be a learned skill in the professional world. Then this invention came along called the typewriter that kind of through a kink in those plans. Not to mention that thing called a computer.

Sorry 4th grade teachers, you may have won the battle but you lost the war. And speaking of 4th grade teachers, here’s some “Sticky Fingers” to deal with.

Koda | Staying (DotEXE Remix) [Free Download]

Chicago native and assumed Microsoft user (we’ll get to that later) Scott Stanley has created a nice little buzz for himself here at Rager Onions headquarters. Producing several eclectic, top notch tunes over the past few months, DotEXE appears to be preparing himself for an extremely strong finish to the year here in twenty fourteen. Slowly and deliberately releasing a patchwork of electronic jams, Scott has impressed listeners with his ability to “hit the nail on the head” so to speak when it comes to the mastery of a particular genre.

DotEXE derives his name from the hopefully recognizable “.exe” file extension used on your DOS and Microsoft-based operating systems. To this artist, however, his name symbolizes the watershed moment when Scott decided to forgo his formal education in computer programming and fully dedicate himself to his true passion: music production.

We think he made the right choice.

Specializing in more of an uptempo production method which includes genres like Drumstep, Dubstep and Drum and Bass, DotEXE’s latest remix of “Staying” by Koda is yet another unique testament to the quality of his craft. Young producer Scott Stanley throws conventional EDM arrangement out the window and synthesized a song that glimmers with hints of grandeur while simultaneously exemplifying the talent and work ethic necessary to make it in this ever expanding industry.