Nostalgia – Corruption EP [Play Me]

If we are not mistaken, the last time we received a proper dose of good, old-fashion Nostalgia, it was on Andew’s reinvention (VIP) of his original production, “The Hero,” an homage to the classic, 8-bit theme song from the Zelda video game series. This time however, we’ve got four times the filthy bass in the form of four tracks comprising his brand new “Corruption EP”, which dropped on Play Me Records February 24th.

Nostalgia certainly seems to be making great strides as a composer. Upon glancing over the past year or so of music on Andrew Hill’s SoundCloud, a close examination of his tunes will prove this, as will a quick listen to his new EP, “Corruption.” Drawing influence from all corners of the dark, heavy bass-driven realm of the electronic dance music world, Nostalgia has stepped up his game in a fashion less resemblant of his name and former chip-tunesque motif.

Personal favorite: “Bad Machine (The Other Side VIP)” – includes an incredibly euphonic, high-pitched, synthesizer whine that blasts straight out of your speakers and fills the room with physiology-altering static.

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