Helicopter Showdown – The Oak In The Acorn [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Yessir, you read our title correctly. Great work really, Rosetta Stone does work!

Blake Powers, Devan Day, and Joshua Small of Helicopter Showdown (or the “Bay Area Bomb Squad” as we affectionately refer to them) are graciously giving away an eclectic set of 10 tracks they have dubbed “The Oak in the Acorn.” With help from a handful of collaborating artists, HCSD makes their generous gift all the sweeter by infusing influences from every corner of the EDM-o-sphere (dub, trap, electro, house, downtempo, hardstyle, purple) and beyond to aid in their full-frontal assault on “heavy, melodic Bass Music.”

AND, to make it all the more succulent, IT’S A FANTASTIC PIECE OF WORK.

For free, dig?


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