Want Your Music Heard? Use ToneDen

ToneDen aims to make it easier for bloggers, A&R professionals, music managers, booking agents, and fans to learn about artists that they love, while giving artists the opportunity to make a great impression on existing and would-be listeners. Artists can easily create their own personal profiles that double as a hub for their social media profiles and a home base for seeing how their fan base is growing across social media channels. You can get a better understanding of how the product works here:

The service is currently in public beta and is welcoming up and coming producers to sign up for free today. There is a premium version of the service, which gives artists access to a one sheet (an electronic press kit that doubles as a resume for their music) and lets them turn their ToneDen profile into an unbranded website. Artists new to the service can try out the premium version for two weeks before deciding if they want to spend SoundCloud-styled price of $5/mo.

Rager Onions will only be accepting music submissions through ToneDen at the following website: https://rageronions.toneden.io/

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