Just Another Spin On This ‘Electric Joy Ride’

Throughout this current technological era, where infinite amounts of information and even experiences can be obtained instantaneously upon the click of a button, we have witnessed our human civilization grow in vast, unimaginable ways due to the obvious advantages that this intangible, abstract data store known as the Internet provides. However, despite all of the overwhelmingly redeeming features that this virtual universe of information bestows, I believe it is simultaneously shaping several aspects about human nature in a way that is not conducive to overall human progress. In fact, I believe these reasons are partly responsible for initiating a sort of “de-evolution” in human cognition and intellectual capacity, a modern “Dark Age” if you will.

What makes this Neo-Dark Age so interesting is that it manifests itself in a completely opposite manner than the historical Dark Ages (500-1500AD), which occurred in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. During this time, the human race was irreversibly set back thousands of years when 3 separate events brought about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the building which centrally-housed an unimaginably significant amount of printed material containing an irreplaceably vital collection of cultural knowledges from throughout man’s existence on earth (And don’t say you never learned anything at Rager Onions).

So why now a regression given the limitless amounts of data at our fingertips?

The answer is actually quite simple. It is this ability to obtain any bit of information the second one desires that has caused human beings to ignore that simple fact that they have a brain, another one of the most powerful creations in the universe. Instead of compounding information and data into memory, we now rely on our computers, smart phones and tablets to retrieve bits and pieces of things we have seen before and should at this point, already know. Moreover, this “instant gratification” complex we have developed with access to the internet is nothing short of a detriment as well. We have lost the ability to be shocked, surprised, inspired, or even astounded by human creations and worldly beauty.

I believe it is these facts, along with and the notion that nearly anyone can be a “producer” these days (with easy access to “free” DAWs and plugins) that are slowly corrupting the electronic dance music scene as well. It can be seen in the endless redundant attempts at matching a particular song’s success (*cough* Martin Garrix’s “Animals” *cough*) or the relentless, ignorant and repetitive attempts by fans to critique a particular producer’s work on SoundCloud. I am befuddled at where exactly this tremendous disconnect has originated but I do sincerely believe it takes root as a result of the phenomena I had mentioned above.

Either way, after a filibuster-type rant like that, I will just cut to the point with this next producer who goes by the name of Electric Joy Ride. Despite all the repetitive bull shit, dissatisfied music fanatics and general jaded outlook we humans are beginning to collectively display, Jonny Thomson is still producing quality eclectic, genre-spanning, electronic musical greatness. So before you listen to the music we have included below, please refrain from uttering the simple words we already know many of you will.

“This has already been done before.”

Yeah, maybe it has. Either way, he still does a pretty fucking great job of it.

Shouldn’t that be enough for you?


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