Aether – Silhouette [To Be Argued]

What do Future Bass and Dubstep have in common?

Well, up until a few days ago, we didn’t think they had a whole lot to do with one another considering the Future movement was partly catalyzed by its creators’ collective outright rejection of a now widespread and watered down phenomenon we all, regardless of opinion, refer to as Dubstep. Taking into mind this next artist’s rendition of particular elements from very different realms of the electronic dance music world, and your already biased opinion about either genre, we wonder what you will think of “Silhouette” by Scottish producer Jason Taylor aka Aether.

What makes Aether’s latest release so incredibly filthy you ask?

In order to answer that question let us relate our response to something a little more tangible first. Listening to a song for the first time is a hell of a lot like meeting a person for the first time, or just becoming acquainted with another human being in general. People, just like music, exude authenticity. It isn’t hard to observe; it just take a trained eye. However, it is these people we deem as authentic that become our best friends, our partners and our confidants.

Trustworthiness, Modesty, Authenticity – these are all qualities we as human beings gravitate towards when establishing relationships with others. So, to address a now diluted and digressed point, great music exudes authenticity. “Silhouette” by Aether was one of they very few productions this year to knock us on our asses with its melodic bass, all the while sending chills down our spine with brain-meltingly dulcet vocals indicative of classic Future (no pun intended) artists like Flume and Cashmere Cat.


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