Stephan Jacobs | Anywhere (Rudebrat Remix)

The last time we checked in with Rudebrat, he had released one of our favorite songs of last year, a uncanny melodic trap song filled with both vibrant and abundant amounts of samples titled “Always Wonder.” Now, he’s blowing our collective minds once again with his remix to Stephan Jacobs‘ original “Anywhere.”

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this jam for about a coon’s age now. And YES, that is a real unit for measuring time however, it’s more approximate than anything. In fact, the term “coon’s age” was originally coined to mean a large measure of time (because people used to think Raccoons lived for lengthy extents of time, what retards).  But, in reality, Raccoons live to be about 5 to 7 years old in the wild and maybe up to 14 when in captivity. So, I guess we really haven’t been waiting that long. Shit.

Well, it certainly seemed like it.

Anyways, this remix is nothing short of extremely like-able. When the preview first came out a few months back, we knew it was going to be huge. Unlike Jake’s previous track, we believe the comparably simple and straightforward beat is what makes Rudebrat’s remix to “Anywhere” so memorable. Seriously, we can’t get these lyrics out of our head. Beating it with a hammer wouldn’t even work here and believe us, we’ve tried.


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