☠ Lets Be Friends ☠ – FTW

Are you ready? I said,…oh fuck it. You will hear it in the song.

Not a lot to inform the readers about on this next one. You know Monstercat right? Yes, you do. You read our blog everyday and you already know about our unhealthy obsession with their releases. Well, MCat and their dastardly lineup of underground talent (never for long however) are back on their grind. This time, one of their most popular duos, Lets Be Friends, has taken their rightful place as the conductors on the “gravy train with biscuit wheels” that is this track. And they aren’t stopping until their hilariously shoddy train built from breakfast food has run straight off the tracks (and right into our mouths).

Lets Be Friends is known for bringing a wild amount of energy to each and every production and “FTW” is assuredly no different. Jonney & Oren of LBF live up to the hype and truly produce what they refer to as “full flavor dance music.”

This jam has a rather unique progression as well. With what we are calling an “intro-drop”, Lets Be Friends opens the track with one of their favorite quotes from Triple H. Oh, you didn’t know we used to be on that wrestling shit did you? D-Generation-X for life! From here, the song only further unravels into more electro house insanity with the last two minutes being our favorite half of the song.

Give it a listen right…meow.


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