Genisis ft. Sherry St. Germain – Crazy Diamonds [FREE]

It appears as if this leading lady in the electronic dance music world has decided to change her name. For what reason? NOBODY KNOWS. Formerly known as Stiletto, Nicky Genisis discovered a passion for DJing in 2005 while growing up in San Diego, California. Her first big break occurred under her pervious name when she released a single for Simply Recordings in twenty twelve. Since then, Nicky has released dozens of new tracks (including one over at Monstercat), toured all across the country and has grown by leaps and bounds as a producer.

This much is evident in her newest release titled, “Genesis”, featuring Sherry St. Germain on vocals.

Under her latest alias, Genisis, this female production whiz means business. This next electro house jam by Nicky is, to us, her best production to date. Genisis brings a newfound energy to the table with “Crazy Diamonds” that has been receiving a great deal of buzz around the EDM blog community. Give it a listen for yourself and decide what all they hype is really all about.

Show Nicky Genisis some love while you at it:


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