Plan B | Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)

As I was scrolling through my SoundCloud feed in the wee hours of the fading morning, I could not help but smile like a jackass when I saw that this next throwback was uploaded by the king of dubstep himself, Doctor P. There is a reason why Flux Pavilion and this next producer are the co-founders of Circus Records. Certified OGs.

And it is absolutely massive tracks like this next one that serve as the evidence for why artists like Doctor P are where they are today. It takes hard work, talent, and a pinch of luck. Fortunately for Shaun Brockhurst, the competition never stood a chance against the dirty, grimy, all around filthy dubstep insanity he precipitates on each and every production.

Doctor P’s remix of “Love Goes Down” is one of his best in our opinion. Thank the man for throwing this up.


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