AWE – Crystals [TBA]

Zachary Urman (aka AWE) has left us feeling exactly as his moniker reads when listening to his latest release titled “Crystals.” After a little bit of sleuthing we have discovered that Mr. Urman used to produce music under the alias Zaku Chan, but has recently made the switch onto his new project, AWE. Now working rather independently, but under the watchful eye of season veteran Plastician, Zach finds himself releasing new tracks under Terrorhythm Recordings.

“Crystals” is an EDM production unlike anything we have heard. To even classify it within a particular genre would be doing this monster of a jam a great disservice. Others are comparing it to Rustie, but we disagree. We don’t even want to make an attempt at it. All we know is that AWE’s sounds are incredibly vivid, his chord progression is on par with the most talented of EDM producers and this may just be one of the most innovative and unique songs of 2014 thus far.

You just need to hear it for yourself, really.

And please, please, whatever you do, wait for that second drop. SO SICK.




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