Beat Fatigue | Snake ‘N Bake [Glitch Funk]


This next artist does not give a flying funk.

Dutch producer and all around funky brotha Beat Fatigue has been experimenting with music since the age of 10, when he picked up the guitar for the first time. His inspiration came in the form of a fascination with two of the funkiest, six-string thrashers of all time: John Scofield and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Since then, BF has been studying any new style of music he can as well as learning a whole lot along the way. As of late, he has concentrated all of these experiences in music precipitating in the form of a unique take on electronic dance music production. This layer cake of expertise can include but is not limited to: Jazz, Blues, Glitch, Dubstep, Soul, Hiphop, Neuro and Funk. However, regardless of genre, one thing is abundantly clear: Beat Fatigue will make you dance your ever-so-fine ass off (we mean it, you been working out?).

His latest EP, A Lil’ Different, which was released on Adapted Records earlier this month, is certainly one hell of a funky and fun ride. The opening track “Shake ‘N Bake” is the most entertaining track I have heard this year. It brings together elements of Swing, Funk, Glitch, Blues and Bass music to synthesize an ultra unique, groovy hook to keep you going all night.

“Shake it baby.”

Beat Fatigues latest EP can be purchased here: 

Sound Cloud:

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