7 Minutes Dead | Peacock EP

Besides being deceased for a mere four-hundred and twenty seconds, 7 Minutes Dead also manages to produce top quality progressive and electro house beats. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Alex Gulikers of 7MD caught our attention with the release of his first EP only 8 months ago on Monstercat. Since then, we assume Alex has been working on his craft because this next jam, “Peacock”, is a change of pace for the young producer.

Following a less defined progression, 7 Minutes Dead incorporates elements of glitch hop by adding particular samples and chopping his synthesizers/vocals on this “Nu-Disco” jam. On SoundCloud, he describes the song as “ornate funk ostentation.” Well Alex, you will certainly have our full attention from now on.

In addition to the original, glitch hop’s favorite up and comer, Haywyre, has a hand at remixing this beautifully unique track. Giving “Peacock” more of a heavily modulated, funky glitch feel, Martin Vogt turns it up a few notches. This take definitely falls on the more groovier side of things, but overall, another solid song.

Give a listen to both below and follow up if you dig by showing some (sensual) love. You know how I like it. Reeeeal dry.


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