Muse | Starlight (Cignature Remix)

This next young, up and coming producer by the name of Andrew Cigna draws his influence from a source very different from most modern EDM musicians. What makes Andrew’s situation so unique is that EDM production and DJing in general have not been around nearly as long as most other types of music. Therefore, there is not necessarily loads of tradition that shape the creation of new music; it’s just kind of a free for all. However, this is exactly where Andrew Cigna’s father, DJ Ross “Rosco” Cigna, comes into the picture.

DJ Rosco was a man of many talents. Not only was he an A&R for Capitol Records, but Ross Cigna also worked for MK Promotions, supporting some of the most famous artists of the 80’s, like Prince and Duran Duran. However, DJ Rosario did not simply stop there. He also moonlighted as a professional disc jockey at KISS 108 FM (Boston) and spun in clubs like The Roxy, The Palace and the ever so famous, Studio 54. All his hard work eventually payed off in the form of a place amongst the Top 100 DJs in America, which even brought the man before Congress in 2000 for a standard meet and greet (you didn’t know Gore and Bush liked beats did you?).

So you see, what makes Andrew Cigna, aka Cignature, so unique is that his trailblazing father paved a path of sorts into what we currently know as modern electronic music and DJing. Not too many current EDM artists can say that they have their fathers listening in and giving them industry-experienced critiques on their latest productions. It will be interesting too see how this fact reflects in any future releases by Andrew.

But for now we bring you a special track from Cignature. European rock legends, Muse, have always been a band that we truly admire. Not only are their songs absolutely massive, but they utilize techniques from various genres and styles in order to synthesize the frankenstein-like amalgamation that is their “epic-rock.” You may recognize this original jam as it was all over the airwaves a few shorts years ago (2006, really? dammit we are getting old.)

The simplicity in Cignature’s remix is what we enjoy most. This progressive house revamp of “Starlight” hits in all the right places. Slowly progressing and teasing in the beautifully dulcet original synthesizer chords from Muse, Andrew’s drop is nothing short of nostalgic bliss evolved.

Good work mate.

And this next producer is just getting started. Stay tuned for more and show this dude some love via the following links.






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