Little Dragon | Ritual Unions (PRFFTT & Svyable X Manila Killa Remix)

Sven Benson and Sam Driver of PRFFTT & Svyable have paired up with the Manila Killa to produce a rather anomalous track considering each of these producers already established electronic music portfolios. However, we must address the fact that the previous statement serves to establish a couple of facts about the world of electronic dance music as we very well know it and by no means should any negative connotations be inferred alongside what is written.

Anomalies in music, especially electronic, are a great thing. When an artist has successfully blurred the lines between two or more concepts that you thought you once knew nearly everything about, he or she has done their job. Well, maybe not just a standard job, but a phenomenal job. This is what makes a legend out of a producer. Many of the most famous musicians have earned their respective spots amongst the stars because of their ingenuity, not because of their conformity. It is this fact that we must celebrate.

We here at Rager Onions encourage you listeners to be more open-minded with you musical choices.

Experiment. With a close minded attitude, you will never ever listen to and enjoy something that is “new” until that particular thing is what everyone won’t fucking shut up about (*cough* Big Room House *cough*). What is the fun in that? For us, it is the hunt to find to music that provides the thrill. It is the sharing of this music with our friends that provides the inspiration to explore.

This next remix of “Ritual Union” by Little Dragon is in our professional opinions, a taste of the future. The Future Bass that is. Our European and Australian brethren are a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to enjoying these types of productions, but what did you expect? After we (America) collectively shed this last bit of our residual dubstep obsession, I believe these downtempo, hip-hop influenced future jams will conversely take root.

People here in the United States LOVE rap music. To us, on paper, rap music is a fantastic concept: spoken word poetry recited over chilled, bass bumping beats. However, unfortunately it would seem the rap game will not pay a single homage to this fact. Besides a select number of still outstanding rapping lyricists, who, as a result, do not seem to gain nearly as much access to the spotlight, the lyrical quality in most modern rap is at par with what my seven year old cousin could write. Well, besides the omnipresent encouragement to the objectification of women as “bitches,” gang violence and unhealthy money lust.

Gotta get paid though.

I think we all need to take a step back as music listeners and objectively assess the things we choose to listen to. Do we listen to it because it is quality? Do we listen to it because it is original? Or, do we listen to it because it’s easy?

PRFFTT, Svyable and the Manila Killa have come together and brought you listeners something a little different. I encourage you to give it a try because although it may sound like something you have never heard before, it is in a million different ways just like the things that you have.


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