Savoy Releases First Full Length Album | Self Predator LP

Ah yes.

The energy is strong with this one.

Colorado sensation Savoy released their first ever full length album last week, representing one of the most anticipated releases of the year thus far. Self Predator contains 15 individual tracks each filled to the brim with their own peculiar style and flow. With influences ranging from techno, moombah-ton, 80’s disco, trap, French electro and that oh so grimy dub, this album could be one for the record books. Not too many artists can create and produce a completely original (yet completely diverse) album without infringing on those said influences. And the fact that their signature catchy synth sound manifests itself throughout only adds to the varietal prowess of this monumental musical talent.

Savoy is currently touring throughout North America with DotExe on their GetLazerd Tour. Check the destinations to see if you’re lucky to catch them playing at a venue near you.

Free Album Download


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