Helena – Breathe (Original Mix) [Mutant Records]

This next original mix comes from a relatively rare place in a male-dominated electronic dance music world. Sure, women have definitely broken through the ranks and achieved their fair share of publicity (look at artists like Lindsey Stirling, NERVO, or the Krewella girls), but in the grand scheme of things, testosterone appears to be the norm around these parts.

However, this next Australian artist, Helena, is here to show the world that, much like women in politics, “They’re on the rise, in demand and continue to make their presence felt!” Her latest single, “Breathe”, was released last week on Mutants Records, the up-and-coming record label of none other than John Dahlback himself.

When asked about the inclusion of Helena in his record’s lineup, Mr. Dahlback simply stated:

“We’re not political in any way. It really is all about the music at the end of the day, but it’s undoubtedly great to see a female DJ and producer debut on the label.”

And after all, just as John eloquently stated, “It really is all about the music.” Which is why we have selected the electro house track “Breathe” to be featured on our website. No matter who it is, or where it’s coming from, it’s all great music to us. Enjoy.

Oh, and please don’t forget to show this mega foxy DJ some love.




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