Twenty One Pilots | Guns For Hands (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

It would appear as if the Canadian DJ duo know as Dzeko & Torres has decided to extend their seasonal generosity far into the begging of 2014. A free, extended mix to their rework of Twenty One Pilots is now available via SoundCloud. Well, technically it can be obtained by giving these dudes your gesture of approval on Facebook, a “like” is it?

Whatever. JUST DO IT (In the voice of the late, Billy Madison).

Julian Dzeko & Luis Torres remix of “Guns For Hands” is sensational. It seems that remixing popular alt rock tracks is all the rage right now, we just hope it doesn’t get as watered down as other aspects of the EDM world (*cough* Big Room House *cough*). Sorry, excuse me…had a tickle in my throat.


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