Tantric Decks – Achieve Goals Activate [Free Download]

This next Canadian producer has been mixing it up and creating original jams now for over 10 years. Using his experience not only as a DJ, but as a production crew member for countless all night raves and festivals, Tantric Decks has certainly been exposed to his fair share of great music. Perhaps this is what allowed him to produce such a killer glitch hop track.

His latest jam, “Achieve Goals Activate”, which was released under our friends over at Adapted Records, is a classic, quintessential rendition of the intended genre. Using his playful piano ballads, funky bass lines, glitched guitar riffs and modulated synthesizers, Tantric Decks has put together a track that simply does one thing.

It makes us want to dance.

It’s fun, funky and dirty at its’ core. We look forward to seeing more from this relatively hidden gem of a producer. 


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