Hippie Sabotage | “Stay High” (Tove Lo Flip)

Assuredly one of the hottest songs in the world of EDM currently, this jam by So Crates and Sour Beats (as they refer to themselves on SoundCloud) of Hippie Sabotage is out of this world spectacular. Artistically flipping the original jam “Habits” by Tove Lo, this duo of the Future variety has struck gold with their re-work titled “Stay High.” The chilled-out, electronic dance hip-hop beat is indicative of a style of music produced by trailblazing artists like Flume, Disclosure and Cashmere Cat. It is referred to as “Future Garage”, or more simply, “Future.”

By definition, Future Garage generally employs production techniques such as “repitched vocals (very common), soft leads with a round attack, subbass or a square bass with a modulating filter, and finally, a 2-step garage drum beat with off-the-grid high hats” (Thank you Wikipedia). Future music is rather technical to produce despite the seemingly simple sound design, often times focusing on late or humanized high-hats between the kick and snare patterns.

However, technique and genre aside, it doesn’t take a genius to realize the true nature of this next beast of a track.

The heartbreaking but highly relatable lyrics paint a picture of a lost love and the former lover who can’t help but “stay high all the time” to simply “keep you off my mind.” Much like the grief stricken female in the song, at some point in time, everybody wants to escape. Here, Hippie Sabotage grants listeners a chance to step away for a moment with their unbelievably chill, highly passionate anthem.

We cannot stop listening to this. Seriously, I think it’s been played at least fifteen times here today at R.O. Headquarters.

It’s that good. You’ll see…


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