Louis The Child | Dimensions EP

Louis The Child has been on our radar for some time now, and their latest EP Dimensions indubitably confirms our preconceived notion.

Few artists can create an album capable of transgressing beyond the realm of genre-picking. Each song on the new EP stems from a unique brand of production that defines Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren not only as esteemed musicians, but as producers capable of changing the spectrum of dance music. Take “Embers” for example – the electro funk, groovy bass line complimented by fierce dub chops and Madeon-like synth buildups provide for quite the introductory beat. Similarly, “Feeling of Life” (featuring Mina Knock) sounds like something off of a Kid Cudi album, and that’s putting it lightly. Louis The Child’s mastering skills truly shine through on this slowed down, R&B track.

Promoting Chicago’s rising stars in the industry of electronic dance music has been a top priority since our inception. Sometimes, it takes a little more journalistic depth to completely grasp a new artist.

Louis The Child, however, is that rare exception.

Rage on.


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