Röyksopp – Running To The Sea Feat. Susanne Sundfør (Seven Lions Remix)

Jeff Montalvo of Seven Lions is slowly but assuredly solidifying his spot as one of the best electronic producers in the world. It is in these times that we at Rager Onions take a step back in order to analyze the futility in things like DJ Mag’s current Top 100 DJ list. Personally, we have listened to Seven Lions’ productions and we have seen him play live sets. His abilities within both electronic music duplicities are entirely comparable to one another, so what gives with the most recent snub?

Maybe just another year is all Jeff needs; or perhaps we simply need to stop placing so much stock in dated, seemingly non-indicative polls such as the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. It doesn’t take an entire creative team at a magazine to realize that Seven Lions’ last three productions (including this remix) have been stellar. Jeff Montalvo has not only continued to produce some of the highest quality melodic dub, but has gone against the grain and successfully experimented with the amalgamation of entirely different genres (“Serpent of Old“).

When we saw Seven Lions drop this most recent remix of Norwegian natives Röyksopp on SoundCloud, we nearly pooped ourselves. Röyksopp has such a unique sound to begin with that when combined with the glory that is Seven Lions, you cannot lose. It’s kind of funny actually. To be honest, we straight up turned off both “Serpent of Old” and “Running To The Sea” about a minute or so into listening to both tracks for the first time. BIG MISTAKE.

Give this jam some time to build and the reward will be endless.


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