PRFFTT & Svyable | “Turn It Up” ft. Jonny Rose

It has been simply enchanting to watch Sam Driver and Sven Benson of PRFFTT & Svyable develop their sound portfolio in twenty thirteen. They first appeared as an overwhelmingly large blip on the Rager Onions radar after the tandem had released the collaborative track “We Are” featuring indie electronic sensation Crywolf, who provides the legendary emotive vocals. Since then, Sven has translocated to the greatest city on earth, Chicago, and the two have continued their onslaught of unprecedented releases.

After reaching the number two spot on Hype Machine for their remix to Blink 182’s “Adam’s Song“, PRFFTT & Svyable have now released another original track (which we want to see more of guys!). Featuring Jonny Rose, a vocalist you may have already encountered while listening to Victone’s smash single “Stars“, this latest track by Sam and Sven highlights the duo’s true ability to develop a production over time. The new track, “Turn It Up”, will be the third release from their EP titled Super//Natural.

Using a full six minutes of track length, PRFFT & Svyable have done what only a handful of great EDM producers have accomplished. I suppose that with electronic dance music, it’s hard to maintain the listener’s full attention for more than a few minutes (hence why so many epic trance tracks are shortened into club and radio mixes). But, like those seasoned veterans who have come before, Sam and Sven have succeeded in developing a sound that saturates each second of this jam, rising and decaying in such a fashion that track length is negligible. After listening to the song in its’ entirety, we found it hard to believe that six minutes had come to past.

Either way, let PRFFTT & Svyable take you on an electric journey with their latest original track, “Turn It Up.” Considering the title, you just might have to.


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