Just Be Thankful: ‘Many Ways’ by Ferry Corsten (ft. Jenny Wahlström)

I love when it when I discover one of ‘those songs’. A song that grows on you. And grows on you.

And grows on you.

And for the past week or so, no song has given me the gradual goosebumps quite like the progressive trance masterpiece from Ferry Corsten – Many Ways. With exuberant vocals from Jenny Wahlström, the songs message fits right in with the spirit of this holiday week.

Because it is true, there are many ways to change your life.

Buy a new shirt. Start eating cereal that doesn’t have cartoon characters on the front of it. Move to Africa and pledge the rest of your life to fighting disease, hunger, and poverty.

But whatever you do, take a step back, and be thankful. Be thankful for family, friends, health, and most importantly – food. There’s some people that would be thankful just to have one of those things.

(I would’ve included this in my recent edition of 9-Ass Kicking EDM Songs To Run To, but some tracks deserve their own love.)


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