Savant | [New] Orakel (Album Teaser)


Under normal conditions, we feel as if posting previews to future releases is frivolous, a needless waste of everyone’s time. But, every once in a great while, we believe that posting these aptly titled “teasers” plays a vital role in introducing our listeners to new and unprecedented electronic music sounds.

As you all should have already come to grips with Aleksander Vinter, or Savant, as he magnanimously goes by, is an enigma. There is absolutely no producer, let alone person in the entire world that possesses these kind of musical skill-sets, manifesting themselves in Savant’s uncanny ability to understand, envision, create and revolutionize electronic music as we naively claim to know it.

Raising a cult following of fans from the dead is no simple task, but Aleks has effortlessly accumulated an undying horde of zombie-like followers with the help of his ungodly rate of production, unique, trans-genre nostalgic style of electronic music, and child-like authenticity displayed in his character and overall outlook on life. For this Rager, nothing rings more true than an authentic person; Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, is humility and authenticity incarnate. He wakes up each day and produces the future of electronic music for YOU the listener. What else could a fan ask for?

Well, we at Rager Onions would like to tip our hats to this true Savant. The inspiration, motivation and courage he perpetually displays gives us another reason to wake up each day and surmount the comparatively less challenging obstacles we all encounter.

The full version of Savant’s forthcoming masterpiece “Orakel” is set to drop December 11th on SectionZ Records.


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