Martin Solveig & The Cataracs – Hey Now (feat. Kyle) (Pierce Fulton Remix)

When we used to think of American, East Coast, young-gun prodigies, we typically think of only one artist. Previous to now, without hesitation, blinking, breathing or even sub consciously thinking, we would have emphatically shouted “Audien!” when considering these parameters. But, as of late, this instantaneous response mechanism has begun to slow down. Now, as our brain attempts to effortlessly fire the name of only one producer, it eventually reaches a synapse where, simultaneously, the newly compounded memory of another prodigal production whippersnapper travels down the axon of another nearby neuron at an uncanny molecular pace. As these two action potentials propagate down onto their inevitable endpoint, our collective mouths, we cannot help but chant two names now. The other being the 21 year old, zodiac Gemini who goes by the name of Pierce Fulton.

Now, we know that everybody in the EDM world went absolutely bonkers for this collaboration between pop EDM sensations Martin Solveig and The Cataracs titled “Hey Now.” Pierce applies his melodic progressive house touch to this remix in a way that re-vamps the original, providing a much needed boost in the energy levels. Personally, we love the subtle, sine wave-like synthesizer that accompanies a majority of the intro and champions that feel-good vibe throughout all three drops. Overall, just another fantastic remix from the Brooklyn resident and up and coming EDM sensation, Pierce Fulton.

This song and many more great tunes can be found on Dance (RED) Save Lives, Vol. 2 with all proceed going towards fighting AIDS in Africa (which in our opinions is one of the most important health efforts worldwide). It can be purchased via iTunes here —>


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